Check out the various laboratories and equipment run by our group.


The Heartlab is at the center of the cardiovascular research done in our group. The laboratory is equipped with a Left Heart Pulsed Flow Simulator, designed to investigate systolic transaortic and mitral regurgitation flows via flow visualization and DPIV. The simulator makes use of a hydraulic analog model, consisting of a transparent aortic arch and a ventricle-shaped silicone sac,  that is connected to a circulation simulator.  We use this sophisticated model of the heart to evaluavte heart valves, assess the effect of flow structures on mitral valve dynamics, and test the functionality of ventricular assist devices.

Free Surface Water Tunnel

The Free Surface Water Tunnel has as 72" (1.8m) long by 40" (1m) wide test section with a maximum water depth of 24" (0.6m). It is capable of attaining speeds of 3.3ft/s (1m/s), and is equipped with rails and 80/20 compatible platforms. 

Lucas Wind Tunnel

The Lucas Wind Tunnel is a medium-sized, low-speed wind tunnel run by the GALCIT department at Caltech. It is available for hire (testing only) as well as both short and long term research projects. For more information, please consult http://www.galcit.caltech.edu/galcit-lucas-awwt/

Charyk Biomechanics Laboratory

The Charyk Biomechanics Laboratory is outfitted with several laboratory benches along with designated spaces for PIV or other projects involving laser optics. The laboratory is also equipped with optics and vibration tables.

IMO Laboratory

The IMO (Imaging Optics) Laboratory contains a designated space for Schlieren imaging as well as a small water tunnel for use in turbulent drag reduction studies. 

Oil Tunnel

Nanocarbon Fabrication Facility

Advanced Imaging Facility

Computing Laboratories